Why we use LLumar

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ATR only uses one brand for Paint Protection and Window Film- LLumar.

LLumar films are simply the highest quality films on the market. While off brands continue to come and go, LLumar has been here to stay. Because they offer the best product, yellowing and bubbling paint protection is a thing of the past. LLumar PPF also has self-healing technology, where micro scratches and nicks fill in when exposed to hot sun or engine heat.

Why Auto Trim?

Auto Trim, unlike other PPF installers, installs all of its performance films inside of a sealed films booth. We do this because our sealed booth allows no outside dust or debris in to effect the finish of your films. We believe a no-dust install site is best for a no-dust finish.

We also precision-plotter cut all of our PPF installs. This means a pattern was made specifically for your year, make, model, and trim level. We would rather a knife never touches the paint finish on your vehicle, which is why we use high tech plotters. 

Auto Trim is the only choice for St. Louis area Clear Auto Bra Paint Protection installations.

Clear Bra is one of the great custom auto accessories we install at ATR STL

Many Protection Levels

Although we can PPF any part of most vehicles, we have 5 popular packages that seem to cover most of our clientele.

The Hood-Fender-Mirror will get partial hood, partial fenders, and mirrors.  This will be a 16" film that will lay from the start of the hood and start of the fender. The fenders will run to where hood line stops.

HFM + Bumper protection will add the bumper to the entry level. This is the most common package, and a great choice for commuters.

The Third Level is what we call the Enthusiast level. This is for more sporty vehicles who want to add pillar + above windsheild protection to their lower-to-the-ground vehicle. 

Full Front End adds additional coverage to the nose of the vehicle. This package is for people who would like to further hide the additional of clear bra, as there will be no line across the hood. 

The Whole Car option is the package for your top of the line vehicles. Exotics and Luxury SUVs can retain much higher resale value by having a perfectly protected finish all around. 

Additional options can be added to each package.

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Full Front

Full Car

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