Why Auto Trim?

Auto Trim, unlike other Clear Mask installers, installs all of its performance films inside of a sealed films booth. We do this because our sealed booth allows no outside dust or debris in to effect the finish of your films. We believe a no-dust install site is best for a no-dust finish. We precision-plotter cut all of our paint protection film installs. This means a pattern was made specifically for your year, make, model, and trim level. We would rather a knife never touches the paint finish on your vehicle, which is why we use high tech plotters. We are so confident in our product and installation that we offer a 3year/3k mile warranty on installation, and a 5+ year warranty on film.

Auto Trim is the clear choice for St. Louis area Clear Auto Bra Paint Protection installations.

What are my film options?

Through impressive engineering, LLumar has crafted several different levels and styles of paint protection films. Each of these films feature different properties, finishes, and warranties, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product and take any road with confidence.

STANDARD Gloss & Matte PPF

Standard PPF, also called Generation 1, is your entry level paint protection film. Both matte and gloss finishes of LLumar PPF are self-healing, durable for thousands of miles and protected by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. * This is our assurance to you that your investment in paint protection is worth it, and that it will last.

PLATINUM Gloss & Matte PPF

One of the best features of gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF is its self-healing surface: swirl marks and minor scratches disappear with exposure to heat from your engine or the sun. Our hydrophobic, water-beading HydroGard™ technology provides stain resistance and enhanced durability. A 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty* covers your investment in gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF so you can wash, wax, and drive your vehicle worry-free. Upgrade to Matte Stealth PPF for a unique look.


Valor paint protection film gives you the self-healing protection of premium PPF with a ceramic-style finish in a single product. An ultra-glossy finish that repels so much dirt and water, it practically cleans itself—that’s called hydrophobicity. Valor offers a strong shield for your car’s exterior against all kinds of road hazards. We back Valor with a manufacturer’s limited 12 year warranty because it’s made to stand up to nature’s worst for many miles.

What are my coverage options?

Coverage options needs for Clear Bra PPF depend greatly on your driving habits. Do you drive very little but still want to protect your paint from chips? A simple metal panel coverage seen in our “Basic” Hood-Fender-Mirror package may be sufficient. However, someone who does lots of city highway driving on roads frequented by dump trucks and other heavy machinery might want full front end coverage. Each of these packages can be supplemented with A-La Carte PPF add-ons, such as door cups, door edge guards, rocker panel coverage, rear tailgate coverage, and more. Consult with one of the Clear Auto Bra experts at Auto Trim Restyling of St. Louis to decide what coverage is best for you.


Why we use LLumar

ATR only uses one brand for Paint Protection and Window Film- LLumar. LLumar films are simply the highest quality films on the market. While off brands continue to come and go, LLumar has been here to stay. Because they offer the best product, yellowing and bubbling paint protection is a thing of the past. LLumar PPF also has self-healing technology, where micro scratches and nicks fill in when exposed to hot sun or engine heat.