Premium Rear Seat Entertainment is a great way to keep the family occupied on road trips and add the feature you desire.

We offer Overhead systems, Headrest systems, Seat-Back systems, and Tablet Headrest systems.

Most of our systems are smart-upgrade compatible.

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Overhead System


Headrest System

   Smart Tablet System

Overhead systems are a cost efficient way to get the desired entertainment feature.

Overhead systems are available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes.

These consoles are equipped with DVD tray, HDMI, and USB.

Overhead systems are available in tan, grey, and black to match the existing headliner.

Headrest systems are a good way to keep the individual happy, with screen independence or mirroring.

Headrest systems are available with 7" or 8" screen sizes.

These systems are availble with hdmi ports and smart upgrade.

These systems will copy the factory headrest color, stitch, grain, and texture.

The Voxx 10" seatback is the highest tech RSE available on the market.


These fixed 10" tablets are android based

This system is DVD plus internet controlled.

Apps are downloadable from the playstore. No worries about matching the headrests, these affix to the posts!

Parental Controls and SmartStream

Voxx 10" smart dvd lexus
voxx 10" seatback dvd lexus
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overhead dvd-2.jpg
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