As a leader in sunroof installation for automotive owners and regional car dealers, we choose to install only the best custom aftermarket car accessories. For sunroofs, there is only one brand we trust - Webasto. Webasto power sunroofs integrate seamlessly into your car, blending perfectly with your factory-fitted headliner. We mostly install the Hollandia 700, the roof that closely mimics a "1 touch" operation sunroof. While competitors install inferior roofs, we choose the sunroof that will most closely copy the factory roof in a higher trim comparable vehicle.


We have installed a factory quality sunroof in vehicles from Honda to Maserati, ensuring a beautiful installation every time.

  • Press-and-hold operation

  • Highly protective Venus glass panel reflects 99% of UV radiation, 80% of light and 97% of heat

  • Venting

  • Sliding sunshade, color-matched to the vehicle’s interior

  • Optional rain sensor in combination with Soft Touch

  • Two programmable aperture settings (with Soft Touch operation)

  • Auto-Close system (with Soft Touch operation):
    The Auto-Close system automatically closes your roof when you park your car. Rain, dirt and undesirable visitors stay outside.

  • Auto-Retract system (with Soft Touch operation):
    The Auto-Retract system prevents your roof from closing if the opening is not completely free.

Structure Plus is designed to ensure proper function and strength in all approved Webasto sunroof installations. The additional structure and specific design make Webasto sunroofs with Structure Plus the strongest aftermarket sunroofs in Webasto's portfolio.


Webasto's Structure Plus has been designed exclusively for Webasto's Hollandia and SolAire brand aftermarket sunroofs. Webasto's Structure Plus has been thoroughly tested and certified to meet all Webasto global OE standards.

Installation Images

Sunroof Repair

Auto Trim is a great place for sunroof repair in St. Louis. We can repair factory sunroofs, aftermarket sunroofs, and factory moonroofs. We can also repair your old, sagging headliner. Call us today for all your custom automotive accessory and repair needs!

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