Why Auto Trim?

Auto Trim, unlike other remote start installers, gives you the total price of a remote start system up front. While others may lure you in with a base installation price, they then add on other parts, connections, and fees.

Our installation technicians are ASE and SEMA certified, the highest electronic certifications that can be achieved. This means our product is installed correctly. We also carry a minimum 3year/36k mile warranty on all of our remote start installations.

Auto Trim is the only choice for St. Louis area Remote Start systems and other custom automotive accessories

1-Way Remote Start to Factory Key Fob

1 way Remote Start to Factory Fob is our most commonly installed remote start system. The convenience of adding this function to your factory fob is unparalleled. When the car starts, your parking lights come on to let you know the car has started.

  • -Add remote start to factory key fob for convenience
  • -Will operate via 3x lock, 20 minute run time
  • -Keeps same Range as factory fob
  • -Separate remotes can be included for added range

Standard 1-Way Remote Start

1 way Remote Start with Compustar remotes is a great system for those who would prefer the 1000′ range over the range of their factory fob. This is also a good system for those who don’t currently have a keyless entry remote.

  • -Remote Start to Compustar 1-way remotes
  • -1 click to lock, 2 clicks to unlock, press and hold for 3 seconds to start the vehicle
  • -1000ft of Range

2-Way Remote Start System

2 way Remote Start boasts an impressive 3000′ of range, much greater than factory fob or 1 button remote start. Although this fob looks similar to the 1-Way remote start fob, this one has an added “confirmation signal” which lights up to let you know the vehicle has started.

  • -Similar “1-button” design, or Upgraded Remote Kits (as shown)
  • -Sends Confirmation Signal of completed action
  • -3000ft range, much higher than factory fob

Remote Start with CarLink Smart

CarLink ALCS6 is our highest tech remote start system. We program your factory remotes as a normal 1-way remote start, but also connect your car to the CarLink Smartphone App. This app gives you the control to start, stop, lock, unlock, track, and see the battery life of your car. You can use these features from anywhere in the world as long as your Smartphone has service.

  • -Customizable phone app with your vehicle pictured
  • -Start, Stop, Lock, Unlock, Locate
  • -No extra fob required
  • -Unlimited range (with cell signal)
  • -1st year of service free, Yearly fee of $40 after

Which Remote Start System is right for you?

Read about our different remote car starter systems and which might be the best solution for your vehicle.