Since Toyota entered the U.S. truck market back in the 70’s, the Toyota Truck lineup has proven itself to be some of the best on the road. We have seen models like the Hilux, Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner, and each has proven itself to be a great vehicle in its own right. These trucks have looked good, performed great off-road, and have had some really cool features.
However, the Toyota truck has always lacked the technology that its competitors have had. Toyota has caught up with ADAS safety features such as blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems, but still falls short in media and vehicle entertainment. While Toyota has incorporated a media system from the past, Alpine Electronics has answered the call from consumers for a media system from today.
Introducing the Alpine iLX-F309. Also Called the Halo9, this new Alpine product is the best way to add a large screen and new technology to the Toyota truck lineup. Featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through Alpines 9″ display, this unit adds the technology the manufacturer left out.
After connecting your smartphone via the charging cable and activating Bluetooth for Android Auto use, you get your music, driving directions, and phone calls all controlled from the 9-inch touchscreen and heard through your Toyota’s speaker system — so you don’t have to look at or touch your phone and can keep it safely stored away.
One of the cool features of the Halo9 is that it retains factory steering wheel controls and backup camera, and even feeds vehicle diagnostics to the screen. You can read tire pressures and engine codes, as well as control the vehicles air conditioning system. Additionally, a gauges screen will show engine temperatures, pressures, engine load, and more.
Even cooler is the ability to control accessories right from the screen. No need for a switch panel, you can control winches, light bars, and truck bed covers from the convenient accessories tab. Moreover, multiple cameras can be added to the camera view for the off-roading enthusiast.
All in all, this new Alpine product adds the convenience of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Toyota Trucks. In addition, it adds many other great features not found in any other manufacturers factory infotainment system. The Halo9 is the perfect solution for Toyota Trucks.

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