We hit all the categories with this WildTrak Bronco Build

The ATR team cranks out another Bronco Build here at Auto Trim Restyling and Window Tinting St. Louis.

Lifted Bronco on Vossen HF6-5
At Auto Trim Restyling, we are no stranger to Ford Broncos. Our team has artfully crafted and put together some of the best looking Bronco’s on the streets of St. Louis. We partner with some of the best car and truck accessory manufacturers to make sure we are putting out the best product for the best price, and this Bronco is no exception.

First Step: Suspension

Because this Bronco is a Wildtrak trim level, it comes factory-equipped with Fords Sasquatch package. This customer didn’t want a crazy amount of lift, so we added a leveling kit to the front suspension to give the vehicle a nice even look. We used Readylift’s 66-21100 1″ Leveling Kit for this vehicle.

Second Step: Wheel and Tire

We sourced a set of 20″ Vossen Wheels HF6-5 in Matte Gunmetal finish. This is a new addition to Vossens Hybrid Forged Lineup, and we felt they complimented this Bronco very well. We wrapped these beautiful wheels with a set of Nitto Recon Grapplers, a comfortable riding but slightly more aggressive A/T Tire. We felt that this tire was a great fit for a more elegant style Bronco Build, as it still gives the offroad look but with less road noise, and a more comfortable ride. The Nitto Recon Grappler sits between a Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain and a Nitto Ridge Grappler R/T Hybrid Terrain in Nitto’s tire lineup.

Vossen HF6-5 Matte Gunmetal Wheels

Third Step: Audio Upgrade

These new Broncos have one thing in common across all trim levels – poor audio quality. The factory upgraded B&O system has left Bronco owners upset about paying extra for premium sound, but not getting what they thought. Some say it is not so bad in the Hardtop version, possibly because the soft top lets in more road noise. Either way, we decided to take it up a notch with the addition of Stingers swing-gate mounted loaded subwoofer enclosure.

This system saves all of the cargo space that you would lose with a traditional sub box, while delivering 800 watts through the Phoenix 12″ subwoofer. This did require amplifier support, which can be hidden in the side panels or in the trunk floor of a 6G Bronco.

Fourth Step: Lighting

Performance Bronco Lighting
The next products up for this Bronco stayed in the electronics department, but moved to the exterior of the vehicle.
We added a Diode Dynamics SS3 Ditch light kit at the base of the windshield, and Diode Dyanmics fog light pocket kit into the Bronco Modular bumper.
We also added Oracle Backlit Bronco Lettering across the front grille for that premium look.

Finishing Touches: Other Accessories

Ofcourse we couldn’t stop there. We had to complete the package with a couple of finishing touches. First, we added a MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust to give this truck the exterior sound it deserves.

Additionally, we added the gloss black Bronco script to the fenders and gloss black tailgate Bronco badge to get rid of the chrome.

Overall: Another Solid Bronco

At Auto Trim Restyling of St. Louis, we pride ourselves on being the best area custom car shop and truck accessories installer. We design and build great looking packages just like this lifted Ford Bronco package every day.

It is important when accessorizing your vehicle to make sure to buy the highest quality parts with a good warranty, bring your vehicle to a certified shop for installation, and to verify that these modifications to your vehicle are safe to do.
When accessorizing your car, make sure to be safe, and always remember:

Life is Too Short to Drive a Boring Car

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