Dealer Services and Information

Concierge – ATR offers vehicle pickup and delivery for all of its dealer partners. Learn more about our vehicle concierge practices!

Wholesale Pricing – We offer Dealer-Direct pricing to our major dealer accounts. Contact us to get set up as a wholesale dealer!

Warranty – Learn more about ATR warranty on product, installation, and warranty practices.

Concierge Service

Vehicle Pickup and Delivery is a must-have service for dealer personnel, and a true value add when choosing a preferred aftermarket vendor. We pickup vehicles locally, and have a pickup range of 100+ miles from our physical location.

Our drivers carry vehicle inspection sheets with them on all of their runs. This means our drivers walk around and inspect vehicles for damage before leaving your lot. This ensures Auto Trim or your dealer don’t have to play the blame-game with customers who may have incurred rock chips or vehicle damage during their time with the vehicle.

Warranty Information

Auto Trim provides a minimum 3 year, 36k mile warranty on all of its installations.

However, Auto Trim cannot uphold warranties for products supplied by the customer. We only cover product from our own suppliers.

Can A Dealer Void a Warranty because aftermarket product has been added to a vehicle?

In a word – No. The Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 prohibits a manufacturers from voiding a warranty due to aftermarket additions to a car. It was designed to protect consumers from automakers unjustly cancelling warranties because of product other than their own being added to a car.

Aftermarket Accessories can always be added to a vehicle, without the risk of voided warranties!​

Wholesale Pricing