We customize this OuterBanks Bronco in a Clean and Elegant Fashion

Check out this simple but clean Bronco build completed here at Auto Trim Restyling and Window Tinting St. Louis.

Lifted Bronco on Vossen Wheels

At Auto Trim Restyling, we are no stranger to Ford Broncos. Our team has artfully crafted and put together some of the best looking Bronco’s on the streets of St. Louis. We partner with some of the best car and truck accessory manufacturers to make sure we are putting out the best product for the best price, and this Bronco is no exception.

First Step: Suspension

Our first move with nearly every Bronco that rolls into the shop starts with suspension upgrades. While many manufacturers like Rough Country, Zone Offroad, RTR, SuperLift, Fabtech and others make lift kits for Broncos, we prefer ReadyLift as our first choice for lift kits. ReadyLift puts more time into product engineering than some other companies who rush to get product to market, and additionally provide a Powertrain Warranty with their product that gives our customers peace of mind when modifying their vehicle.

We opted for ReadyLift’s 2” Front 2 1/2” Rear SST LIFT on this build. We have noticed that with the normal 2″ Lift, the weight of the rear mounted wheel and tire can give the back end a “sag” look, so we like to upgrade to the 2.5″ Lift Kit for High Payload Conditions. Not only does this support the heavy weight of the larger rear mounted wheel and tire combination, but also and rear cargo or light towing that might be done with your Bronco.

Second Step: Wheel and Tire

Because this Bronco is an Outerbanks Trim Level, we decided to go with a more luxurious wheel choice. We feel this fits well because of some higher-end features that Outerbanks come equipped with, like Painted Fender Flares, Larger Infotainment screen, Power Seats, etc.

We sourced a set of 20″ Vossen Wheels HF6-5 in Matte Gunmetal finish. This is a new addition to Vossens Hybrid Forged Lineup, and we felt they complimented this Bronco very well. We wrapped these beautiful wheels with a set of Nitto Recon Grapplers, a comfortable riding but slightly more aggressive A/T Tire. We felt that this tire was a great fit for a more elegant style Bronco Build, as it still gives the offroad look but with less road noise, and a more comfortable ride. The Nitto Recon Grappler sits between a Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain and a Nitto Ridge Grappler R/T Hybrid Terrain in Nittos tire lineup.
Vossen HF6-5 Matte Gunmetal Wheels

Third Step: Leather Interior Upgrade

For the Interior of this Bronco, we added a little bit of flair to the factory design. This particular Bronco did have Brown Cloth seats and Brown Door Panels from factory, so we stuck with that color pallet but added some flair of our own. We stripped the factory cloth and added Katzkin Walnut interior.

Specifically, this is a Walnut Face, Black Wrap, with HexTek and Black all visible stitch. We felt this best complimented the brown door panels that were already their, while adding a bit of luxury with the hexagon stitch pattern.
Katzkin HexTek Brown Interior

Final Step: Appearance

In this category, we will lump a few different types of accessories together.

Oracle Backlit Bronco Grille Lighting
In our electronics department, we added Oracle Lighting’s Backlit Bronco Lettering across the front grille. These letters are offered in both White and Amber Backlight, however we opted for the White as we felt it gave a more luxurious look, while the amber would be more off-roady.
These LED backlit letters are a great addition to any Bronco Build, and we recommended them as a low price option that adds a ton of style to a Bronco.
We also added some other subtle style pieces to this Bronco. The first one was a Gloss Black rear Bronco Emblem, which we swapped for the polished Bronco that was on the back from factory. The other was the removal of the fender outerbanks logo and swapping for gloss black bronco script. These both add a ton of style for little cost, and a great addition to any Bronco.

Overall: A Great Package

At Auto Trim Restyling of St. Louis, we pride ourselves on being the best area custom car shop and truck accessories installer. We design and build great looking packages just like this lifted Ford Bronco package every day.

It is important when accessorizing your vehicle to make sure to buy the highest quality parts with a good warranty, bring your vehicle to a certified shop for installation, and to verify that these modifications to your vehicle are safe to do.

When accessorizing your car, make sure to be safe, and always remember:

Life is Too Short to Drive a Boring Car

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