Paint protection film, also known as a “clear bra,” is an increasingly popular option for protecting the paint on your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to preserve the showroom shine of a brand new car, or protect your daily driver from the scratches, rock chips, and dings of daily use, paint protection film can be an effective solution.

Why PPF?

One of the main benefits of paint protection film is that it is virtually invisible once applied. The film is made of a clear, durable plastic that is applied directly to the paint of your car. It adheres to the surface of your vehicle and forms a barrier that can protect your paint from a variety of hazards, including road debris, bird droppings, and even minor collisions.
Another advantage of paint protection film is that it is relatively easy to install. Many companies, including Auto Trim Restyling, specialize in installing paint protection film and can have it applied to your vehicle in just a few hours. The installation process is usually done by a professional, who will carefully measure and cut the film to fit the contours of your car.

Are All PPF The Same?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing paint protection film is the quality of the product. Not all paint protection films are created equal, so it’s important to choose a reputable brand that uses high-quality materials. At Auto Trim Restyling, we use only the best quality film, which is specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use. Gone are the days of yellowing or bubbling films. Plus, our films are “self-healing”, which means small scratches or nicks refill upon exposure to heat from the sun or engine.

How Do I Get PPF?

Overall, paint protection film is an excellent option for anyone looking to protect their vehicle’s paint. It offers a clear, durable barrier that can help protect your car from a variety of hazards, and it’s easy to install and maintain. If you’re interested in learning more about paint protection film and how it can benefit your vehicle, visit Auto Trim Restyling to get more information and schedule a consultation today.

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