“Spray In Bed Liners.” “Line-X Bed Liners.” “Rhino Liners.” However you refer to them, Auto Trim provides customers with the best available using our patented high pressure system. Spray-On Liners offer many benefits and now is the best time to get it installed.

What Makes Auto Trim Bed Liners Different?

Our state of the art, high pressure spray-in bed liner system allows us to spray 100% solids, meaning we don’t add thinners or solvents.
End result? More consistent spray pattern, texture, and a virtually impenetrable polyurethane coating. The best part is it ONLY takes 10 seconds to dry!
Our bed liners are composed of the highest quality polyurethanes available, with the highest levels of UV inhibitor to protect your liner from the sun.
This is what prevents the bed liner from becoming chalky looking, fading, and becoming dull over time. Unlike other spray-in bed coatings out there, our bed liners have UV inhibitors mixed in with the two-part formula.
Benefits of Auto Trim Spray-On Bed Liners Winter is around the corner, which means snow and sleet. Then we have Spring showers and hailstorms. Now is the best time to get a spray-on bed liner installed on your vehicle to protect it.
Rust can take a toll on your vehicle over time, in addition to the scratches, gouges, and other blemishes that might appear. Adding a spray-on bedliner can help lengthen the lifetime of your truck so you can make the most from your investment.
We use the best products in the industry to ensure that your new bed liner will last a lifetime. We’re so confident in our work that we back our liners with a LIFETIME warranty! If it ever peels, cracks, or fails over time, we will fix it for free!
​As automotive professionals, we understand the pride our customers take in their truck beds and we know what it means to keep your vehicle looking new for years to come.
Ready to Get Started? We have samples of the material that we use for you to touch and feel in our showroom. Stop in and see why Auto Trim Restyling is the #1 choice for St. Louis Spray On Bed Liners.
Want to learn more about our process? Speak to a professional and find out.

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