Most innovations these days are created to make our lives easier, and remote start is one of the best at it! With the simple touch of a button, you can outsmart mother nature. Let’s talk about the benefits and features to keep in mind when considering your options.

How Can Remote Start Benefit You?

The number one reason to install remote start would be to avoid suffering in severe weather. Not only can you warm up your car and even help melt ice or snow in the winter, but you can also cool down your car in blistering summer heat! This can be safely accomplished from bed (no judgements) or from your office – without even stepping outside. Gone are the days of walking out to your car, starting it manually, and hoping no one drives off with it.

Is There More Than One Type Of Remote Start?

The most commonly installed system is the 1 way remote start to factory fob. This utilizes your existing factory fob, simply turning on your car lights as the indication that the car has started and will run for 20 minutes. The range is that of the factory fob, though separate remotes can be added, usually with an extra fee.

The standard 1 way remote start often extends the range to around 1000 feet, and is also a great option for those who don’t currently have a fob. Certain models allow you to lock and unlock your car, as well.
If you are looking for a larger range, a 2 way remote start system boosts the range to around 3000 feet and offers all of the features of the 1 way remote, with some added benefits, such as a confirmation of start.
For unlimited range, consider an app system. This option enables one to start the car without a fob or remote from anywhere, as long as the phone has service. Other features frequently offered with this system, in addition to the standard, include battery life alerts, engine stop, and locate.

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